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Sue and Randy
dancing at Fat Harold's

Shag Dance Presentations for Conventions, Meetings, Wedding Receptions, or your PARTY!....
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We recommend:

Judy's House of Oldies
for dancing shoes and music

(Click the picture to visit their web site)



Welcome to our
Events Page!

This page is no longer active


We have produced a series of FREE shag dance videos

that you can find on the Shag Lessons Page! These videos demonstrate our style of shag dancing. Interested people can see, compare, and learn!You can click on them and see a short movie reviewing the most common shag steps ..basic, lead techniques, basic pivot, etc. These videos emphasize social shag dancing skills and therefore there are few, if any, mirror steps that you find in competition style dancing! We try to cover only one thing at a time and each video lasts just several minutes for easy downloading to your computer.They are NOT intended to substitute for dance lessons or classes, but are great for review and practice.

We do not profess to be "experts" by any means in shag dancing. But we do want to share what we have learned in the 20+ years we have been dancing and teaching. We consider this our way of thanking all those who have supported us over the years!

Visit the Shag Lessons Page
to see these videos!


RandyandSue Shag Dancing DVD's are no longer available!
Thanks to the many people who bought our learn to shag DVD's keep them they will become collector's items



Shag Dance Review Videos
(free learn to shag videos with Randy and Sue)

The Pivot!
The Belly             Roll!

A new series of 7 Pivot Videos and 4Belly Roll Videos covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Variations


Judy's House of Oldies: a great place to get
dancing shoes and shag music!

They are located on Main Street in N Myrtle Beach just up from Fat Harold's. Sue and I buy our shoes and music there and we hope you will check them out. Please help us pass the word about this great resource. They have their own web site so out of town people can purchase directly from them. Click the link on this page to go right there and good shopping!




For information on Private Lessons visit the Lessons Page (click here) or email Randy and Sue at email@randyandsue.com        

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