Junior Shag Dance Team Promotional DVD

The Shag has been around in NC and SC since the 1940's (maybe even earlier) and lately it has begun to be recognized outside our local area with thousands of people from all over the USA learning about SOS and the great fun that can be had learning to dance the shag in a social setting.

What better way to inspire a new generation of shag dancers than by supporting our young dancers so they can shag dance at events like the Grand Nationals or the US Open in California? These dancers will impress other young people and inspire many to learn the shag!
(Not to mention..they impress the heck out of us..WOW!!)

The DVD has 36 dances from the USA Grand National's and the US Open. Most are shag dancing plus a few swing dances. The dances on this DVD video are competition winning dances including 1st Place Shag and 1st Place Swing dances! All of the dancers are under 21 and very accomplished. If you are serious about shag dancing or you know someone who is, this is a "must have" addition to your dance video collection..it is well worth the money.

Help support these fine young dancers by buying their Promotional DVD for only $20.00 plus $5.00 S&H. The money goes directly into their travel account to help them with the expenses involved in getting to rehearsals and the events.

If you have young people at home (kids or grand kids,etc..) Why not get a copy so they can see what these teenagers are doing with the shag dance? This can be GREAT GIFT for birthdays or Christmas.


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Junior Shag Dance Team Promotional DVD!

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Price $20.00 ea.
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