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  Here are our Tutorials explaining steps and techniques. Simply give them a click! This is all for free...so tell your friends about our web site and encourage them to join in and learn to shag!


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Shag Review Videos
KEY: (B) Beginner (I) Intermediate (A) Advanced

Introduction To RandyandSue:
a sample of our dance:

Play the video


The Basic Series:

(Play All)

  • Part 1: The Basic Step
  • Part 2 Hands and Connection 
  • Part 3 Dancing with Grace and Style
  • Dressing Up Your Basic


The Female Underarm  Turn Series:

(Play All)
  • Part 1 The Female's step
  • Part 2 Male lead/ Female showcase
  • Part 3 Putting It All Together and The                 Pull Thru
Leading and Following:
  • Shag Dance Rules of the Road
              Leading and Following
  Fancy Foot Work Series:

(Play All)
  • Fancy Footwork Part 1
  • Fancy Footwork Part 2
  The Pivot!




(Play All Pivot videos)

  • Beginning Pivot Part 1
    learn the Male Pivot Step and the Female Pivot Step
  • Beginning Pivot Part 2 "Putting The Pivot Together"
    Holding your partner, developing a smooth social style pivot.

    Demonstrations of all beginner pivots

  • Intermediate Pivot Part 1
    "One Arm Pivot"
    (a most useful type of pivot)
    Spinning the female in a one arm pivot
    How to start a pivot with a female spin (stabbing the girl in the back!)
  • Intermediate Pivot Part 2
    "Male Bridge Pivots"
    Demonstrations of all Intermediate Pivots
  • Advanced Pivot Variations
             Part 1

    "Male Fancy Pivots"
    "Pump Pivot"
    "Whip Pivot"
  • Advanced Pivot Variations
    "Female Fancy Pivots"
    "Stutter Step Pivot"
    Single and double spins inside a Pivot
  • Advanced Pivot Variations
    "Revolving Style Pivots"
    "Cross Handed Revolving Style Pivot"
    Demonstrations of all advanced pivots













The Belly Roll!
The "slow dance" step of Shag.
This is one you do not want to miss!!


(Play All)

  • Getting Started with
           The BellyRoll!
             Introduction and Demonstrations
  • Beginner Belly Roll
  • Intermediate Belly Roll         Dancing Belly Roll with Side Split
  • Advanced Variation
             (Hug Belly Roll, Turning Belly             Roll, Spin in/Spin Out,             TripleBack






We recommend that you take classes or private lessons from a competent dance teacher so that you can learn to dance with style and with out developing bad habits ...videos cannot help you with this. BUT these videos should be a very good way to review information about shag dance steps and learn about how we dance and teach..

We plan to add new videos regularly. These will be short, free videos that play right on your computer (you may easily download your own copies ..please do so).

RandyandSue Shag Dance Review videos will cover all levels of the dance and will emphasize dancing in a social setting with out reliance on lots of complex mirror steps. Mirror steps are fine (we do tons of them too) but we want to show you a better way to make your dance look good!

These videos will play right on your computer simply click the Icon's and the InstantStart VideoPlayer will load into a new window and play them .Select additional video choices right from the VideoPlayer. If you wish to save videos on your computer disc for off-line viewing or for making your own private-use DVD's try the Windows Media versions found by clicking here.

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I agree:

  • To abide by the instructions given by RandyandSue or any substitute instructors to the best of my ability,
  • To not distract others or be disruptive in such a manner that might increase the risk of injury for others,
  • To cease participation should I experience any physical pain,
  • To cease participation if I feel that the material being presented is too difficult for my current skill level,
  • To use spotters when appropriate,
  • To refrain from performing aerials and air steps on the social dance floor or in crowds,
  • That I have no pre-existing physical conditions that may significantly increase my risk of injury.


Read this instrument fully and carefully prior accessing shag dance instruction information or videos from www.RandyandSue.com, registering for one of our classes, attending one of our classes, taking private shag dance lessons or signing the class registration log. This is a legally valid and binding obligation to release a party from all known and unknown obligations. This instrument affects important legal rights. Think carefully and consider obtaining legal advice prior to signing




  • Do I need to buy a video, take a class, or get private lessons?
                Sue and I feel strongly that learn-to-shag videos are great for reviewing the steps and techniques that you have already learned. But they don't work as well as a good shag class and /or private lessons from a well qualified and experienced teacher. When you take a class or a private lesson, you will learn the fundamentals of shag dancing and have a teacher there to coach you so you will look good. The teacher is the key here.
                 Shag classes are a great way to get started learning. Hopefully there are classes near where you live and you will learn the basic steps and have a fun time in the social atmosphere that is part of a group class!
                 Private lessons are THE SECRET to becoming a good and confident dancer. You get personal attention and your individual problems get fixed. Plus in private lessons you should expect to be coached about developing your own style that suits how you naturally move..This is the big advantage over group classes or videos .....private coaching! TECHNIQUE and STYLE make all the difference in how you look and feel about shag dancing!
  • How do I select a Teacher?
              When you select a teacher to take a class from or for private lessons, try to get a good look at how the teacher dances out at the clubs before you signup! Remember your teacher must know how to execute the steps as well as how to lead/follow while looking very good at it ..There are tons of teachers who have little or no serious shag dancing experience. Many of these teachers rely on using mirror step after mirror step as a teaching method with little or no attention to style, proper execution, or lead/follow techniques. This is not a good way to learn to shag because our shag dance is based on style. If you select someone you do not think dances with a smooth style and good execution then expect to wind up looking not so great!
     This is a very important point: The shag dance is constantly changing. Our dance changes with each generation of dancers and things go in and out of style. The teacher should know the things that are now considered acceptable and what is out of style or simply not done anymore (eg, male kick basic...).
  • I need more help learning! How do I get it?
                 We (Randy and Sue) are always out dancing at the N Myrtle Beach clubs. Come and ask us and we will gladly help you to get started or fix that problem step, etc. We teach private lessons at our in-home studio plus we have classes in Shallotte, NC (an easy 25 minute drive from N Myrtle Beach) Sept-May. We also know about many other local shag classes and we will be happy to point you in the right direction!
  • I don't count when I dance, so why do you count at the lessons?
                 We count "one and two, three and four, five, six" as a way of showing where the beat is in the music. The convention we use is to count the numbers as the music beats and the "and" is half way between the music beats. This is exactly how a musician counts measures of music. There are two important purposes for this. First, counting OUT LOUD really helps you to learn to step to the beat of the music. (We find that the vast majority of dancers have trouble staying on beat!). Second, counting gives us a way to identify each part of the shag Basic so it can be learned and then passed on to others.
                 Counting in class and when you practice is a "must do" if you are serious about learning and improving. When you are social dancing out at the clubs, counting is not necessary but it will help you if the dance seems difficult or you are having trouble finding the music beats.
  • How does Shag differ from other swing dances?
    The Shag originated somewhere in the Carolinas decades ago probably along the coastal areas of North and South Carolina. It is noted for its smooth style. Years ago, the shag was mostly about fancy male dancing and the girls got to do their basic and look pretty. The female role in Shag has evolved such that their role in the dance is now equal.
                 Shag is done in a North-South or East-West slot...like you're on a diving board. Modern Shag is no longer danced all around the floor like other Swing dances tend to be. The hallmark of shag is a cool and smooth style. If done correctly, it is a beautiful dance. The Dancers should not swing their hands around or bounce up and down at all.
  • Is shag a male lead dance ?
                  Yes, Shag is a male lead dance! Girls, you have to follow. This makes the dance hard for the girls because they have to take their cue on what to do from the male's lead. Proper male lead is critical in order to allow the female a chance to dance her fancy footwork! Therefore, dancing with a good leader is very desirable for the girls . Men who do not know how to properly lead typically try to compensate by using strength and pushing and pulling their female partner around as she dances. This makes the dance look awkward and prevents the female from keeping her balance and performing her fancy footwork. (Girls, How many times has your dance partner cranked you around in a female turn causing you to abort your foot work or loose your balance?..This is an example of what we are talking about!) A better way is to learn the hand signals and lead techniques that we teach. Example: learn to give your signals during the # five or six beat so the female has time to react....
  • What About mirror steps? Do you teach them and use them in Social dancing?
               We typically do not teach mirror steps at all to beginners. The beginner dancers have enough to learn the basic steps. For intermediate dancers there are some mirror steps. Mostly we teach male-lead/ female-follow patterns based on classic shag steps that can be used with anyone on the dance floor - even those who have had no lessons. Mirror steps are heavily used in competition dancing plus as add-in steps for couples (who know and practice together) during social dancing. You will typically see very few mirror steps out at the clubs except during contests.
               Mirror steps only work for couples that practice quite a bit. They are excellent for learning to become a better dancer since you learn to execute complex patterns as a couple together. However, the most advanced dancers typically don't use mirror steps when they social dance. Instead, they rely on a good lead/ follow technique and a large repertoire of shag moves and steps to hand craft the dance in real time as it is done!
  • What are the Beginner Steps?
             We always teach the Basic, Female Underarm Turn, Male Turn. Pass Thru, Spin Into Side, Belly Roll, and Start. Beginner class adjusts to the level of the dancers in the class, so much more may be covered. Generally, a beginner will learn to start, do all the basic turns, and the Belly Roll, all while leading/following.
  • What is covered in Intermediate Class?
                There is really no limit to the number of steps, techniques and moves covered in Intermediate class! After a student progresses through Beginners class it is time to learn the Pivot, Set Up, Boogie walk, Hook, Do-Da, Duck Walk, Stutter Step, Double Kick Back.... The list keeps going on and on!
                The most important thing is to learn to use these Shag moves in a way that the male can lead them and the female can follow them in real time as the dance is happening. Therefore, we spend a lot of time working on the components of the shag dance and on dancing them in various combinations to music, with the male leading.
                 Many of our students have remained in Intermediate classes over and over..some for years! This is because the class keeps evolving as new moves become popular.
  • Do I need a partner?
                 For beginners there is no need for a partner at all. In larger classes, the women rotate to a new male partner every few minutes so everyone gets to dance together! This is the very best way to learn and practice.
                 Intermediate class is a little more difficult because you will be learning the fine art of lead/follow combined with quite a few classic shag steps such as the pivot, set up, stutter step, boogie walk, etc. Therefore having people paired together is necessary.
                 If you take private lessons NO PARTNER is necessary because both of us are there to dance with you.




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